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Britannica Library


Encyclopaedia Britannica is a reliable source of Information for all ages. Britannica Junior is a great resource for school projects.


Link to Britannica Junior‌        Link to Britannica Student

Link to Encyclopaedia Britannica Online‌   


Oxford University Press


Oxford University Press offers a variety of in-depth English language resources as well as reference and biographical databases.


Link to Oxford Dictionaries‌        Link to Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

Link to Oxford reference premuim‌        Link to Oxford English Dictionary Online



Historical Research


These interactive maps, and this fully searchable family history resource, are great for local and family history projects.


Link to heritage        Link to Griffiths Valuation Online


Additional Resources


The following online resources are fully accessible in our library branches only.


Link to Irish Times Digital Archive        Link to JSTOR Journals Online          


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