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Inclusive and accessible resources at Donegal Library


Donegal Libraries offer a welcoming and inclusive environment for people with additional needs, providing sensory services and resources to cater to their diverse requirements. Here's a glimpse into what Donegal Libraries provide:


Sensory Pod in Bundoran Library

Sensory pods are safe calming spaces where children and others can relax in peace as the calming, soundproof and ambient lighting make it a tranquil space.

Sensory Walls in Buncrana & Twin Towns Library

A sensory wall is a dedicated space designed to provide primarily tactile (touch) stimulation to children and individuals with additional needs. It offers a variety of textures, objects, and materials that can be explored by hands and fingers.

Sensory Friendly Times in Letterkenny Central, Twin Towns, Carndonagh and Bundoran Libraries
These are times when stimuli are reduced, such as lighting and muted sounds and additional sensory toys are placed in the library for use. 


Tovertafel available in Letterkenny Central, Gweedore, Twin Towns and Buncrana Libraries
The Tovertafel games system helps to positively influence the quality of life for children with autism, seniors living with dementia and adults with intellectual disabilities using interactive light projected games that stimulate physical activity, social interaction, cognition, and moments of happiness. Tovertafel is Dutch for ‘Magic Table’ and projects vibrant, lifelike images onto a white surface in the form of games that react to even the smallest of hands and movements, creating a “magic-like” effect that captivates and engages users.

Calming Activities:

Libraries stock fidget toys, stress balls, and other tools that can provide tactile stimulation and help individuals self-regulate in overwhelming situations.


Noise-Cancelling Headphones: 

Some branches offer noise-cancelling headphones to block out distracting sounds, creating a more focused environment for those who are sensitive to noise.


Adapted Books:

Branches have a selection of books in accessible formats like audiobooks and large print editions, as well as free access to eBooks and eAudiobooks through the Borrow Box app. 


Social Stories: 

Social Stories are available to take home and help children understand what to expect when they visit the library.

See and Learn Kits:
The See & Learn kits are designed to meet the specific learning needs of children with Down Syndrome. They can help children develop clearer speech production, learn vocabulary, and develop language skills by learning to read from an early age.

Numicon at Home:

Numicon is an approach to teaching maths that helps your child to see connections between numbers. It is a multi-sensory way of learning, which means your child learns by seeing and feeling.


Touch-Type Read and Spell (TTRS) Literacy & Typing Course:

TTRS is a multisensory, structured, online typing course which assists students to learn typing at their own pace. In addition to developing typing skills, TTRS is designed to benefit students of all ages, in particular those who experience spelling, reading or writing difficulties. Learners with dyslexia or literacy issues have also found it helpful.



C-Pen Reader Pen is a reading tool designed to improve and enhance reading and learning. The Pen is a portable, pocket-sized tool that scans and reads words and full lines of text aloud, supporting independent reading and literacy. The pen is ideal for people with reading difficulties such as dyslexia or those with vision difficulties.


Don’t forget it’s FREE to join the library and use all the resources mentioned above!

Joining is simple, either call into your local library with some ID or join online by going to https://www.donegallibrary.ie/